Home Candy: Vases

While my mother is the true gardener in my family, I love bringing the outdoors in – especially in the form of fresh flowers.

I love the look of a cluster of similar flowers in similar vases, like these examples from Decor8 and Better Homes & Gardens:

However, sometimes quirky is better. I love these vases by Tania da Cruz. There’s so much you could do creating new hairstyles.

I also love the idea of fresh flowers in non-conventional containers like this gorgeous polka dot teapot:

{Flowers Cheap and Chic by Carlos Mota, photographed by William Waldron, via The Cinderella Project}

Or this repurposed tobacco tin:

Currently, the flowers I bring home generally spend their days in clear glass vases I obtained from flower deliveries of yore. I have some milk glass and small green and purple vases from thrift stores (hands down my favorite place to get new flower-containers). Perhaps I need to go thrifting with a new eye and look for containers that could be used for blossoms. You know I’ll report back should I find anything fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Home Candy: Vases

  1. Kerry

    Don’t sell yourself short Ms. Butters, you are a good gardener too! Mom just has a lot of childhood experience to help green her thumb. I love the repurposed tobacco tin. It would look great in an fun, eclectic home. The green tin filled with pennies from uncle Bob that you wrote a post about would be a cute interpretation of that.


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