Micro-Organizing: One Kitchen Drawer at a Time

I first read the term “Micro-Organizing” in Real Simple and, dear readers, it was a near life-changing moment. Perhaps my attempts to have a pantry like this have failed because I’m setting my sights too “macro.” Time to tackle projects one wee drawer at a time.

Will and I currently have  a host of miss-matched food storage containers. They probably all came from me and were all purchased for some aesthetic quality (it has a green lid!) rather than actual functionality. Regardless, storing leftovers is a pain when you can’t find anything in which to store said leftovers.

On a previous (misguided) attempt to organize under the sink, I bought this lid organizer:

[Why was this misguided? Well, I didn't measure first. Always measure first. This was not the first time I've purchased some organizational tool for this misshapen under-sink area only to have it not fit. Nobody's perfect.]

So, I have a rack-like thing and a drawer full of oddly shaped lids. {light bulb!}:

Seriously. I’m a genius.

This tiny bit of organization has been so helpful. We actually use these containers now that their lids are locate-able.

Anyone else have tales of tiny successes?


4 thoughts on “Micro-Organizing: One Kitchen Drawer at a Time

  1. renita

    I need a better way to organize my drawer full of assorted spatulas, spoons, whisks, measuring cups, bottle openers, etc., etc.

    But one thing I really love is Command hooks. I use them to hang kitchen towels, bras (in my bedroom closet), etc and the command adhesive is great for hanging other things, like small frames, posters, etc without damaging the wall.

  2. Rachael

    I have a rack like that! I got it from Ikea. The problem for me is that I live nowhere near an Ikea, and the thing cost, like, $4.50, but the shipping was almost $20. Anyway, we got it and dutifully mounted it inside the cupboard where the pots and pans go, which means I have to shift things or pull pans out the other side of the cupboard because it’s always in my way. I think, in the spirit of micro-organizing, I’m going to move it to the door of the cupboard. After I measure, of course, to make sure it fits.

  3. Vanessa

    Oh, goodness. Thanks for the link! I was wondering what I was going to do with the lids for my new pots. $10 to keep them from being scattered throughout my cupboards? DONE.

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