Etsy Gift Guide: For the Home

The last in the series – items for the home!

  1. A small fabric bin to keep clutter in order.
  2. Doxie. Coasters. So cute.
  3. A cheery wooden welcome for your abode.
  4. This pretty pink lamp looks good on or off.
  5. This pig flower pot should inspire anyone to tend their green thumbs.
  6. This cheerful pillow comes in many colors. Not feeling the love? Other options remind you to “Be Nice or Leave” or, simply, “merde.”
  7. Should you need your pillows to keep their opnions to themselves, this red and gold pillow is classy, silent glam.
  8. I’ve long been in love with Tilly Maison’s lucite trays. I have one corralling my perfume bottles.
  9. This striped bottle vase looks just as great empty (or makes simple stems look fancy!).
  10. Or, hang these vases on the wall!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series! I’m crazy about Etsy and love sharing my finds. Perhaps some of them will make it into the hands of your friends and loved ones this season.

12 thoughts on “Etsy Gift Guide: For the Home

  1. Cathy

    The accounting/personal finance nerd in me is loving that pig flower pot. It reminds me of a piggy bank! Maybe I can grow a money tree in it :)

    And thanks for including my red and gold pillow cover!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Carrie S.

    I love the wooden sign! They even have it in “knit” “purl.” The wooden letter signs remind me to the “etc” sign that my parents had up for the longest time!


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