Made by Me: Cake Stand

Yes, I know I’m late to the “look at me makin’ my own cake stand!” party. They’ve been featured on Design*Sponge, La Belle Bride, Eat Drink Pretty, and are probably all over Pinterest. Whatevs. Here’s mine:

I went to my local Village Discount Outlet to scout out some lampshades (as I currently pilfered one from a sad lamp in the bedroom to make a beaded chandelier for the sad pendant in the kitchen). The lampshade search was a no-go, but I did find a clear shot glass and this pretty snowflake plate:

As I already have a larger, taller cake stand from Crate & Barrel, I figured I’d make a shorty to go with it. Bonus: I’m hosting a party next weekend and can put them to immediate use.

I thought I could use my hot-glue gun to affix said plate to said shot glass, but the tutorials online were all like, “No! Epoxy!” and I was thinking I didn’t want to trek to the hardware store, so I found some crazy glue in my desk. Perfecto.

I glued the shot glass to the underside of the plate and let sit for a little while.

The finished product:

Another bonus unforeseen when I began the project: when not in use as an actual stand for cakes, my little creation goes perfectly with the gold & white theme of my lovely Tilly Maison tray:

Helpful Tip: Village Discount Outlet loves to write prices on the pieces they sell in Sharpie. Nailpoish remover and a cotton ball took care of any marks.

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