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Previously, I’ve admitted to a love of ficus trees. This love of greenery was inherited from my mother, the master gardener. One of my favorite things about my mother’s ample gardens is the origin of the plants. Mom takes cuttings from various sources: her sister in North Carolina, the guy from work who was neglecting his jade plant anyway, our neighbor who bought too many iris bulbs, etc.

Currently, Mom lives in a suburban area with room for a garden. Plans for the near future have her and my Dad moving into the city (wee!). What happens to the garden? Mom’s green thumb has been the inspiration for me to find vertical, deck-friendly, or indoor gardening opportunities. Like this sweet arrangement in the entryway from Design*Sponge:

Below are some charming “deck” ideas from Today’s Nest, So Pwetty!, and Design*Sponge.

An indoor herb garden from Not Just a Housewife:

Then, of course, there are fun flowerpots like this Triceratops from Svpply and Pig from fruitflypie on Etsy:

Any apartment-dwellers out there with other small garden ideas? Do share!

10 thoughts on “Home Candy: Apartment Gardens

  1. renita

    I have standard-issue plastic planters that lived on our balcony in our apartment. Grew basil, cilantro, attempted tomatoes, chives … my biggest problem was lack of direct sunlight, and even though we have a house now, that’s still going to be a problem — our back yard, such as it is, faces north and there’s a large pine tree in it :)

    But in any case, while I appreciate the form of the above — and the vertical idea is especially useful in small spaces — all you really need is a planter and some sunlight.

    1. Helena Post author

      I always seemed to live in dark, north-facing apartments. Even my condo now faces north, but we have huge floor-to-ceiling windows to let the light in. I’m very familiar with shade loving plants now.

      1. renita

        yeah, you guys have enough light there to grown some things, at least. our balcony was on the second floor (of 3), and tucked in — great for privacy but not great for growing things.

  2. Erin

    Kyle’s also in love with plants, so we have a ton of spider plants for the kitties to fight with in various places around our apartment. We also have about half a dozen bromiliads hanging out in cute tiny cups and vases that we find at junk stores. We recently spent an afternoon with some extra yarn that I had, weaving a plant hanger for our kitchen…hasn’t broken yet!

    Our recent adventure into plant-friendly living is making terrariums. We did two big ones in canning jars, and a teeny tiny one in an empty spice jars, and they provide fun (and portable) green spaces all over the place. Plus, going for walks in the neighborhood to pluck moss out from between cracks in the sidewalk was a ton of fun :)

  3. Belle

    We’re just now getting to a place where I’m slowly bringing plants into our home and I must say, it does add a lot to the general happiness our space. Here in Denmark, orchids are big, so I have a few of those. And cyclamen, which I love. Something I would like to try next summer on our patio is moss graffiti, which is something I found on Pinterest.

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